Inspiration Dave, finally finally done.

Done as in released on the interwebs for real. The past 2 months have included sponsor branding/ads – first time I’ve done it, zooming in the game because it looked too small earlier, playtesting it way too many times, fixing a difficulty curve, crushing edge-case bugs of hell, fixing some glitch with the scores, and removing that performance issue.

But it’s over. Time to move on. Well, I have already been moving on, but in full 😛

I think I’m going to go do homework for the time and deal with everything later. Hope it gets frontpaged on NG and passes judgment on Kongregate x__x

May expand this to talk about more later, but this is a milestone for me, even if the game doesn’t do very well. Because it’s F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D.


If you some how got to this blog without seeing the game, play it here and help it get out of judgment hell on Kongregate:


or give it a vote at NG!


Or discuss on reddit.