New Blog

Hi everyone, I made a new blog over at Neocities: please bookmark it! WordPress has become an unusable pile of garbage in the past year with their new shitty ‘block editor’, which makes editing text extremely unintuitive (starting new paragraphs, shifting to new paragraphs, cutting and moving lines – all things which have been solved – have been more or less ruined by what I can assume is a team of designers with some idiot CEOs breathing down their backs.) I guess I’ve always used WordPress for free, so I guess I get what I pay for…

You can view the blog here!

I made the blog using my collaborator Marina Kittaka’s new “Zonelet” blogging system. It’s essentially a single javascript file and some css you can pop into a Neocities site, to make a blog with no coding. There’s no fancy text editor, but writing is just putting words into a document, so it works great!